Dave has distinguished himself with his prolific ability to pass meaningful, conservative legislation.

He has sponsored or co-sponsored 25 new bills that are now laws. As the Chairman of Military Affairs, he’s also led the passage of 34 new laws to benefit our military. Additionally, he’s passed 13 local laws for Newton and Morgan counties, as well as dozens of House Resolutions.

Here is a short list of some of Dave’s most significant legislation. Bills successfully sponsored or co-sponsored and passed into Law…

Military Support

HB 224 Amends the 'Quality Basic Education Act' (or QBE) to allow military students to attend any school within their school system, provided space is available.

HB 39 Enters Georgia into a new compact that allows all Physical Therapists to practice in-person across state lines until the PT gets a Georgia address. The military requested this flexibility because, due to the dangerous and physical nature of their work, they hire more PT’s than anyone. This bill would also help their PT spouses to work in Georgia.

HB 59 Allows service members who have orders to a new duty station to pre-enroll their children in the new school system surrounding the base to which they have been ordered. This allows these children to pre-register for classes, enroll in specialized learning opportunities, and join in lotteries for magnet or charter schools.

HB 699 Allows for military firefighter training to be accepted as a substitute for basic firefighter training courses for full-time, part-time, and volunteer firefighting units throughout the state.

HB 700 Expands the Service Cancelable Loan program so that members of the Georgia National Guard may receive loan assistance for graduate degree programs.

HB 25 Allows service members to break certain service contracts if they are ordered to a part of the world for over 90 days that does not offer those services. These are services are health spas, television, video, audio programming, and internet.

HB 26 Enters Georgia into a new compact that allows all Psychologists to practice via telecommunication within the Compact States if they attain an E-Passport. It also allows in-person practice across state lines for a maximum of 30 days. The military requested this flexibility because of PTSD and other issues, as well as to allow their Psychologist spouses to work in Georgia.

HR 462 Reaffirms the Georgia House of Representatives' commitment to strengthening the military installations located within the state. In an effort to maximize the military value of those installations, the House is rededicating itself to supporting our troops and their families by taking all prudent actions to improve their quality of life and empower them to contribute to our nation's defenses.

SB 395 Creates the Georgia Joint Defense Commission whose goals are to advise the governor and the General Assembly on defense and military issues within the state and the nation.

HB 64 Requires that the appropriate child welfare agency make efforts as soon as possible to notify the applicable military installation's family advocacy program in the event of a child abuse or neglect allegation involving an active-duty military parent or guardian.

HB 470 Allows the Department of Economic Development to administer a grant program to aid "military communities", defined as a county or municipality that has a military facility within its jurisdiction.

HB 739 Amends Georgia Code to rename a section the “Tracy Rainy Act”. This act required the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to implement a process which allows military spouses to qualify for temporary certificates, certificates, or expedited certificates when moving to Georgia.

HB 719 provides that state income tax exemptions provided for income received due to military retirement applies to that income when it is received by a surviving member family member of a deceased veteran.

HB 840 Provides an exemption from penalties related to taxes for members of the U.S. armed forces who accrued the penalties while deployed in a combat zone.

HB 843 Provides that businesses near military installations may qualify for tax credits designated for less developed areas throughout the state.

HB 94 Protects Service members from certain ad valorem tax penalties when they are deployed.


HB 139 Promotes fiscal transparency by requiring local School Boards to display the amount of school dollars they are spending to the tax-payer. It also requires the DOE to create a fiscal “scoreboard” of all local systems in the state that is readily available on the DOE’s website. This groundbreaking legislation was recognized by the national ExcelIn Education foundation as one of only two such programs in the entire nation.

SB 156 Authorizes Charter Schools to create non-profit foundations.

HB 763 Helps create good School Climate.

HB 425 Allows certain children to take standardized tests with a paper and pencil.

Other Topics

HB 103 “Kelsey’s Law” prevents an image of a teenager to be used on a pornographic website. This legislation was inspired by the story of Kelsey Upton of Newton County.

HB 92 Cuts red-tape requirements for municipal judge training.

HB 319 Ensures Firefighter’s Pension Fund is paid to his/her estate.

HB 325 Helps protect Law Enforcement Officers by keeping records for 30 years.

HB 412 Helps cut red-tape regarding Workers Compensation claims.

Caleb’s Law Was the first texting-while-driving law passed in Georgia. Dave spearheaded this bill (while a School Board member) after a Morgan County teen tragically died.

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