Previously an 8 year School Board member of one of the best school systems in Georgia, Dave is a firm believer in public education. As 94% of all children in Georgia go to public schools, that’s where our focus should be.

55% of Georgia’s budget goes to Education, the 3rd most of any state. Nearly 1 in 4 people in Georgia are children, meaning we have a lot of potential for growth, but also a great need for a strong education system. Georgia has added over half a billion dollars to Education every single year Dave has been in office, with almost 90% of all new monies going to K12 Education. That includes almost $3.5B in new money the past 4 years alone. More significantly, over the past 2 years Georgia has fully funded the QBE school formula for the first time ever.

The good news is, all those dollars are finally paying off. Education in Georgia is measurably the best it has ever been. Graduation rates are at a record high at an overall rate of 81%. Our ACT scores have never been higher, and have actually been above the national average these past few years. Even our SAT scores are slightly above the national average, far better than two decades ago when Georgia was ranked dead last.

The HOPE Scholarship remains one for the best statewide scholarships in the country. The HOPE Grant Scholarship is a new program that is completely FREE in over 20 technical fields that are currently in high demand. 99% of the students who graduate from the program have job offerings when they finish, and again, the program is completely FREE.

Georgia’s AP scores are 13th best in the nation, and our African American AP scores are 3rd best in the nation. Our new Dual Enrollment Program has been so successful we’ve had to budget extra money to fund it. Georgia’s teens are graduating with a lot of college credit under their belts, saving taxpayer money by reducing college costs.

Georgia’s most recent K12 scores reported their biggest overall gains in history, increasing in 25 of 26 areas. And Georgia’s K12 schools were recently ranked the 13th best in the nation. That is great news for a state that was ranked near the bottom two decades ago, and a testament to our hard-working teachers who are continually upping their game.

However, it has never been a harder to be a teacher than right now. Demands for accountability via standardized tests, problems with discipline, a lack of parent involvement in many (but not all) schools, and an overall lack of respect for teachers in general have made teaching increasingly difficult throughout the years. That’s why Dave started a “We Love Our Teachers” Campaign amongst many of his colleague in the House. More importantly, Dave was very pleased that Governor Brian Kemp made history when he gave Georgia teachers their biggest pay raise in state history (that was after they went for nearly a decade with almost no pay raises, due to the recession).

You can either invest in children or invest in prisons.

Dave believes that children are the better bet.

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